The Extra Mile
It is important for patients to remain comfortable during their dental visits. By applying gentle, soft-touch techniques coupled with up-to-date equipment and dental materials, we can make their experience more pleasant, comfortable and easier to go through.

The practice of dentistry involves working with people and communicating with them. On our part, it involves both inter-personal skills and high technical skills. And in order to make good judgments, an understanding and appreciation of human behavior is crucial to influence any change that is required for their dental health.
Waiting Room - Halina Dental Clinic
Rest assured that our facilities and instruments are always safe and clean. We ensure that our patient protection procedures comply with the standard requirements that is set for dentistry practice.Cleaning ie sterilisation of all tool and instruments are done for each patient. In addition, instruments are autoclaved (intense heat and pressure sterilization) and products that touch patients are mostly disposables.

I love being a dentist and I understand patients’ anxiety and concerns whenever they are due for a dental appointment. Therefore it is my pleasure to go the extra mile to ease those feelings. Be my guest on nurturing good dental health.

With correctly done daily dental care techniques at home and regular monitoring, we can help you maintain your teeth, as best as we possibly can, and make it last for the rest of your life.