Procedures - Orthodontic Treatment Procedures - Orthodontic Treatment

- For better food mastication / chewing
- Better digestion and absorption
- More presentable looking smile
- Heightened / improved self-confidence

- Healthier teeth and gums
- Much more easier to clean teeth
- Beautiful, winning smile
There are 3 types of orthodontic braces:
1. All metal brackets
2. Mixtures : upper-plastic / ceramic brackets, lower-metal brackets
3. All plastic / ceramics brackets

There are also other types like Invisalign and lingual braces. However, these two are not often recommended as compared to the other three mentioned above.

Orthodontic Retainers:
A prosthetic that must be worn after taking off orthodontic braces when treatment is completed. Failure / Refusal to wear retainers will lead to teeth relapsing or returning into their original positions.