Procedures - Endodontics - Root Canal Therapy

As an effort to preserve teeth, even a dying or dead and broken down teeth can still be saved and given a second chance. Tooth extraction is the last choice of treatment and is only done if it is really inevitable and necessary.
Basically, what a Root Canal Therapy means is the canal inside the root of the tooth will be cleaned mechanically by instrumentation and also cleansed by irrigation with special solutions to achieve empty root canal which by the end of the treatment should be sterilized and free from any remnants of infection. The now empty canal of the root will be replaced by substitute material which functions to replace contents of the canal that has been removed earlier and also functions to avoid any leakage of future infection from the surrounding tissues from then onwards. You can assume that your tooth has been mummified so you can further keep the tooth to be functional inside your mouth.

RCT can be done either in one visit or more, depending on the severity of infection and presence of pus.

Once RCT is completed, the remaining tooth structure will be restored either with an ordinary filling, a crown or a post crown.

A root canal treated tooth can last your lifetime, although failures may also occur due to many contributing factors which all will be explained to patients before treatment is started.