Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening
Over time, our teeth can become stained and appear yellowish. This is a very unfavourable thing to happen to our most valuable and visible asset because our teeth and smile is among the very first thing that people look at when they first meet us. Definitely we would like our first impression to be a good and lasting one with the help of our personal effects like our presentable winning smiles or our fresh-smelling breath or our beautiful shiny white healthy teeth, or some other features.
Teeth can become stained due to the foods that we eat, water that we drink, or pass down features that we inherit from our families, or side effects from medicines that either we consume or our mothers’ consume during her pregnancy, or just due to fair colour deterioration with time.

Today, dentist can offer Professional Teeth Whitening Procedure called Britesmile Whitening Procedure.

In Summary, Britesmile Whitening Procedure is a one-time procedure that can achieve dramatic and instant result, all done in the clinic by the dentist. The procedure takes about one and a half hours to complete:
- Your original teeth shade is recorded and an instant Polaroid close-up picture is taken;
- Your gum and lips are covered and protected from the whitening gel and light transmissions;
At the end of the procedure, your new brighter teeth colour is recorded and another instant Polaroid picture is taken for easy comparison of the result;
- Patient can expect a range from 6 to 10 shade change.

The result may last for one to three years depending on your dental hygiene maintenance and the type of diet you consume and also exposures to your teeth that comes with your lifestyle.

You can also opt to get the Britesmile Maintenance Kit: either you get the set where you can do your own routine touch-ups in the comfort of your own home, or the set of Britesimle toothpaste and mouthwash for daily maintenance. Some patients however, prefers to just come in again for another Britesmile procedure.