Restorations-silver amalgam / tooth coloured composites
Restoration - Amalgam
Restoration - Composite
These are forms of Cosmetic Dentistry. They can improve, restore and correct your teeth problems dramatically from your original condition. The dentist mustu select the case properly and discuss with the patients regarding the end results that can be achieved. The patient must thoroughly understand the procedures and the after care that needs to be done to ensure excellent dental hygiene.
Crowns, bridges and veneers are costly, therefore the decision made when considering these treatments must be made wisely by both dentist and patient. These type of treatment are complex procedures on the dentist part, whereas on your part as the patient, you need to understand any limitations of the end-product and commit yourself in taking good care of your dental health to ensure longevity of your crown, bridges or veneers.
Restoration - Crown
Cemented individually and
stays fixed in the mouth
Restoration - Bridge
Cemented as a unit, minimum of three
and cannot be removed from the mouth
Restoration - Inlays & Onlays
Have advantages over regular
fillings because they are strong
and do not crack or chip easily
Restoration - Veneers
Thin facings that are cemented
onto surface of teeth